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Anna Rubov is a stranger Michael Hitchcock met at Shaw's Bar. They went on a date but got separated for six months. When they reconnect, they decide to get married. They are currently divorced after Hitchcock finds out she lied about him being the father of her baby.

Throughout The Series[]

Season Seven[]

In Trying, Hitchcock meets Anna at Shaw's Bar during his divorce party. They ended up going on a date, and she wrote down her number for him on a napkin, but the following morning, Hitchcock had wings for breakfast and got sauce all over the napkin, making the number illegible. The only thing he had left from her was one of her teeth that fell out while they were eating pizza, so Scully thinks of the idea to go around New York City and try and fit the tooth into the mouth of every woman to find her.

This plan doesn't work, but they end up meeting again at Shaw's Bar, and they go on a date together. The next morning, it is revealed that Anna has gotten pregnant. She and Hitchcock decide to get married. However, their marriage quickly dissolves due to the fact that she duped him into thinking he was the father of her unborn child while really it was her brother-in-law, Boris.


  • She has no scars.
  • She is missing a tooth.
  • Hitchcock says she is funny (though due to Hitchcock's sense of humor that is debatable)