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Andy Rocco Kraft is an American actor, writer, and puppeteer. He is best known for his role as Nurse Max in the Netflix comedy series Lady Dynamite. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he played Detective Yorken.

Personal life[]

Kraft began his acting career in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he acted, wrote and produced multiple award winning and best selling shows for stage. He is also know for his extensive background in commercial work and his years of sketch comedy work on the stages of Second City, The Upright Citizens Brigade and the Brave New Workshop. He was also a puppeteer for Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE before moving to Los Angeles, CA to be a writer for Disney Television Animation.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Season Eight[]


  • He was the final actor to ever be cast on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • He gave a speech after filming had wrapped on the final shoot day about how the show had gone by so fast and how "it felt like they had all started working together only yesterday", even though it was Kraft's first and only day working on the show.