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Amy Santiago and Gina Linetti are colleagues at The 99th Precinct between seasons 1 to 6. Often Amy can get easily agitated by Gina, and Gina often mocks Amy; nonetheless it has been shown throughout the show that both care deeply for each other.


Season One[]

Fancy Brudgom[]

  • Gina and Amy decide to help Terry with going on a diet but both quit easily.
  • Both try to get Terry to give up on his diet, yet when Terry explains it is for his wife, without any warning both Gina and Amy make sure Terry who was about to fold to keep on his diet, despite the fact that both of them decide they will not re-join him on the diet.

Season Two[]


  • Gina tries to help Amy quit smoking through meditation, but fails to do so.


  • Gina and Amy realize that the characters in Terry's book are based off them, as a result both feel insulted and decide to change their personalities.
  • Terry reveals to them that the characters are based off them in looks only, leaving Amy and Gina to return to their usual selves.

Beach House[]

  • Gina wants to discover what six drink Amy is like, hoping six drink Amy to be her Sasquatch.
  • Gina is gutted to discover that six drink Amy is just sad. Though later admits that six drink Amy is her friend and more, though claims to only admit such as she knows Amy won't remember any of it.


  • Amy and Gina are invited on a double date with Holt, Rosa, and their significant others.
  • When they miss the party, they decide to drink the wine Amy brought and spend the night out.
  • The next morning, they are both extremely hungover. Amy comments that the hangover was worth it and that it was fun. Gina compliments Amy's cooking from the previous night.

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

The Overmining[]

  • Amy attempts to get Gina to save energy.
  • Gina offers to teach Amy how to kiss when taken to a supply closet.

Season Five[]

Season Six[]


  • Gina was the one who recommended the Mexican resort for a honeymoon destination for Jake and Amy, though it is unknown whether they chose the resort because of Gina.

The Tattler[]

  • Amy encourages Jake that Gina tattled on him as a way to protect him from himself, and also to not hold the grudge of what happened against her.

Four Movements[]

  • Gina's second movement is for Amy, showing her that she should be herself and not worry about what others think of her. This brings both Amy and Rosa to tears.
  • Amy makes a book of all of Gina's tweets to date.