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The African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Police Association (shortened to AAGLNYCPA) is an organization that Holt founded over 25 years ago. Captain Holt was the president of the AAGLNYCPA until the events of Full Boyle, where Officer Brian Jensen assumed presidency. (After much resistance, although eventual approval from Holt)


Season One[]

Full Boyle[]

  • Officer Brian Jensen comes to Holt's office to let him know that he will be running against him for president of AAGLNYCPA
  • Holt gets Gina to find dirt on Officer Jensen
  • Gina inadvertently convinces Holt to eventually cast his vote for Brian and remove his name from consideration
    • Holt realizes that AAGLNYCPA would be better off with a younger leader that didn't have to fight their way up against the system (because this is the reason he founded the organisation in the first place)