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The 99th Precinct and the Vulture have always had their vengeance against each other. The Vulture has a habit of stealing their cases while they were almost closed, so he could take the credit for himself.

Main Episodes[]

Season One[]

The Vulture[]

  • Keith Pembroke (aka "The Vulture") comes into the precinct to take away Peralta's murder case
  • Later, the squad tries to solve the case before it is solved by the Vulture.
  • The Vulture yells at Holt because the squad solved the case before he did.
  • Jake eventually decides to give credit for solving the case to the Vulture.

Operation: Broken Feather[]

  • The Vulture takes a case from Jake but the squad out-vultures The Vulture.
  • Amy takes a job interview at Major Crimes Unit to work with The Vulture and Jake calls Amy a cheetah.
  • After Amy turns down the job, the Vulture shows up and berates her. Jake gets back at him by tricking him into holding a can of tear gas.

Season Three[]

New Captain[]

  • The Vulture becomes the new captain of the 99 after Dozerman passes away.

The Funeral[]

  • The Vulture threatens to demote Jake to a beat cop unless he dumps Amy.
  • Amy and Jake record him telling him to dump her
  • The Vulture steals Amy's phone and demotes Jake.
  • Holt gives the Vulture media attention so that he wouldn't stand in the way of Jake and Amy dating.

The Oolong Slayer[]

  • Due to a bet the Vulture has with another captain, he enacts a strict policy of "we only solve misdemeanours, weiners", and threatens that anyone found working on a case not assigned by him will have their overtime privileges removed.
  • The Vulture suspends Jake for 10 days (Holt is suspended by Wuntch).
  • The Vulture enlists Amy and Rosa to plan his birthday party. Amy and Rosa exact revenge by hiring his own band to play at his party.

Yippie Kayak[]

  • While Jake, Charles, and Gina are stuck in a hostage situation, The Vulture is in charge of the case.
  • Terry chucks The Vulture into a garbage bin.

Season Six[]

The Suicide Squad[]

  • Jake enlists the Vulture to help take down Commissioner John Kelly.
  • After Wuntch offers his dream job (captain of the 69th precinct), he has the members of the 99 arrested for the kidnapping of CJ, though this is part of the plan.