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• 6/16/2017

So, is Amy going to finally become a Sergeant now?

We know from Season 4 that Amy has successfully passed (and aced) her Sergeants exam, so I'm wondering when/if she will get her covetted promotion, and how it will affect the character dynamics. I am rooting for her to become Captain (or more) by the end of the show, because I admire her ambition. How they will make the promotion work though, will be interesting, since Terry is still Sergeant of the 99 (he had his Lieutenants exam this season but failed). This would work if they expanded the 99, and Terry became Lieutenant, making room for Amy to take the Sergeants post... regardless, it will be complicated to accommodate promotions in the storyline, but I want to see the characters be successful. Thoughts?
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• 1/14/2018
It'll take some time.
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